About Us

This post is in direct response to a query from one of our customers. We wish to apologize for not introducing ourselves earlier to all shoppers who have trusted to do business with us.  

I am Sheila. My family of three including husband and daughter are Canadians with a rich Caribbean heritage. We are happy to declare we are Jamaicans and Guyanese.

I have a strong background in Marketing, Sales, Real Estate and Business education. You might be wondering how did I manage the technological shift of e-commerce. Frankly, it has been a great ride. Sometimes very frustrating but I have learned to ask a lot of questions and be curious about the latest app to enhance your experience when you visit our site. We are engaged in most of the major social media sites as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. We are particularly fond of Pinterest and showcase a lot of the products we sell on that site.

The focus is on you always. We desire to showcase the products that make a difference to you. We want to be a part of the solution and to add value. We, therefore, welcome your feedback. We ask for product reviews of the products you buy so that we can best serve you.

To our European clients, we are aware of the new rules regarding the GDPR. We endeavor to be transparent in all our business operation. The Shopify platform which hosts our site is aware of the new rules to shortly come into effect and I am confident will ensure compliance.

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